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Submissions Standards for Image Files

The following are Africa Media Online’s technical submission standards for image files. Compliance with these standards will ensure that images are speedily processed and put online with minimum rejection on technical grounds.

Image Specifications

File Type: Jpeg
Compression: Highest quality (in Photoshop level 10-12)
Open File Size: This is the file size that appears when you open the file in Photoshop and look at the Image Size. This is dependent on the market you want to reach. If you want to reach all markets, then stick to the Creative and Archival Standard. Creative and Archival: 48-60 MB

Compressed File Size: This is the file size you see when you look at a closed jpeg file on your desktop. This is going to vary greatly according to the Open file size you started with, the compression you apply and the character of the image itself. This is why this is not used as a standard. It is the Open file size that you should work to and then save it at quality 10-12.

Editorial: 24-60 MB; Archival Prints: Various (the size produced when the image is scanned at its physical dimensions at 600 dpi); News and Sport: 18-60 MB
Bit Depth: 8 bits/colour channel
Resolution: Set to 300 dpi
Colour Space: RGB
Colour Profile: Adobe RGB (1998)
Colour Profile Tag: Tagged
File Name: Alpha-numeric 16 characters at the longest, spaces in file name to be replaced with “_”, do not use any unusual character including the following characters “(){}[]!@#$%^&*+=,’:;” and only use “.” between the file name and file extension
File Extension: All images must have a file extension (Mac users make sure the option to hide extension is unticked when saving the file)

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