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Editing your About Us and Contact Us pages

An essential part of setting up your MEMAT site is to populate the About Us and Contact Us pages with information that is going to help visitors to your digital archive to understand what it is all about and to know how to get in touch with the right person if they have any queries. Below please find instructions both in video and in text form for editing these pages. To view the video larger, at the bottom of the video frame either click on the “enter full screen” icon or click on the “watch on Vimeo.com” icon.

Edit About Us and Contact Us from Africa Media Online on Vimeo.

If you do not have a write up about yourself on your Home Page and your contact details on your Contact Us page or you want to change the pictures on these pages, you can do this yourself.

1. Log in using your admin login on any page of your site. If you have forgotten your username and password email contributors@africamediaonline.com

2. Click on the “Website Dashboard” tab

3. Select “Edit About us”

4.  Add or edit the text using the editing functions given on the page.

5. Click “submit” every time you make any changes to the text on this page

6. To add or change the image that appears, select a horizontal (ie landscape) image.  Prepare the image at minimum 550 pixels width.  Choose the file and click “submit”

7. To view the changes click the “about us” tab

Do the same for your Contact Us page.

Next in the Set-up process – Create yourself a buyer-login to download high res images.

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