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Editing your top and bottom includes

Unless you understand something about HTML, you may need to get your web designer to create and edit your top and bottom includes as it is easy to create a mess if you do not know what you are doing. If you do, or you are a web designer, then follow the instructions below.

1. Login as the site administrator

2. Click on Website Dashboard
This will load a page with the following options below:

3. If you are loading some image files, style sheets or javascript into your top or bottom includes click on “Upload Files for Top/Bottom Include”
This will take you through to a page where you can select the relevant files from your computer by clicking on “Choose File” and then upload them online by clicking on “Submit”.

4. Once you have loaded a file a message will appear in the top include giving you the address of that file. Copy that address as you will need it in order to reference it in the next step.

5. Click on “Website Dashboard”

6. Click on “Edit Top/Bottom Include”

7. Here you will see two boxes, one for the top include and another, below, for the bottom include. Use your HTML knowledge link your the files you loaded and place them correctly.
Note: When linking files, exclude from the pathway the word “public” at the front of the image pathway.

8. Click “Submit”

9. You will see the results of your work in the Top or Bottom includes

Next in the Set-up process – Set your home page url

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