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There are two ways in which you can upload image files. The simplest and most immediate is by logging in to your site with your administrator login you can upload using the online upload system. If you have a large number of files that need to go online, however, you may elect to send Africa Media Online DVDs or a hard drive of images. Africa Media Online does reserve the right to charge for its time in assisting to load by the latter method, but this is still likely to involve cost savings given the price of bandwidth.

Online Upload System

1. Login as supplier on any page of your website. You need to use the login of the photographer whose images you are uploading. This is very important otherwise the photos will be attributed to the wrong person.

2. Three tabs will appear at the top of the page. Click on the Upload tab

3. That will bring you through to a page with a list of checks. Make sure your images conform to the list. If they don’t they will be rejected. Tick each one before proceeding.

upload check list

4. Clicking Submit takes you through to the page where you can begin uploading files. Click on Browse to go and search for the images you want to upload. You can upload many pictures at a time if you select a group

Select files

5. Immediately upon clicking on select, the files will begin to load. You will see a progress bar for each file as it loads. Once a file has loaded its progress bar will disappear. The count of number of files uploaded will not change from zero until all files are loaded. You can cancel the upload of an individual file by clicking on the red “x” and you can cancel all the uploads by clicking on “Cancel all Uploads”. Be careful about using this as you may cancel an upload half way though and the image will appear online half uploaded. It is very important that you do not navigate away from this page while the images are still uploading as the upload will be cut off.

6. Give your images up to 24 hours before they are searchable online. Please do not re-upload the same file without first checking if the first one was received. Email contributors@africamediaonline.com if you can’t find it online.

7. Please email contributors@africamediaonline.com when you have done an upload, noting how many files you have uploaded, so that we can confirm that the files have come in safely.

Next in the Set-up process – Create galleries to appear on your BROWSE page

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