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Online Upload System

1. Log in using your username and password on any page of your site.

2. Three tabs will appear at the top of the page. Click on the Upload tab

3. That will bring you through to a page with a list of checks. At first you will see the panel for loading images that looks like this:

upload check list

Ignore that panel and simply click on the “Footage” tab shown here:

footage upload

You will need to check that your files conform to the standards laid out here. If they do, then tick the tick box.

4. Clicking Submit takes you through to the page where you can begin uploading files. Click on Browse to go and search for the file you want to upload.

Picture 6

5. Immediately upon clicking on select, the file will begin to load. You will see a progress bar as it loads. Once a file has loaded its progress bar will disappear. Please do not re-upload the same file without first checking if the first one was received. Email contributors@africamediaonline.com to check.

6. Please email contributors@africamediaonline.com when you have done an upload, noting how many files you have uploaded, so that we can confirm that the files have come in safely.

Next in the Set-up process – Create galleries to appear on your BROWSE page

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