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Downloading files

High resolution files can be accessed from your MEMAT site directly by anyone that you authorize.  You have different options on the access you can give. There are 2 major options:

DOWNLOAD STATUS: you can give full access to someone allowing them to download any files from the site.  For image files you can decide what size of file you will allow them to download

ORDERING: you can give limited access to some people, only allowing them to download files that they order from you

Here we will discuss the first option and in a separate tutorial we will discuss the second option.

Below please find a video and a text tutorial. To view the video larger, at the bottom of the video frame either click on the “enter full screen” icon or click on the “watch on Vimeo.com” icon.

Download Status from Africa Media Online on Vimeo.

How to give Download Status to a user:

1. First you need to understand you to add users to your CRM – so do that tutorial first

2. Once the user you require has been added to your CRM, either by registering on the site or by being created in the CRM you need to find them in the CRM.  Go to “Contacts”, fill in their name and search.

3. Click on the user’s name and then EDIT (top left)

4. Scroll down to Website Settings  and go to DOWNLOAD STATUS

5. Select the file size of image you want to be able to download.  This does not affect the other media types, they will be able to download the full manuscript, video or audio file no matter which of the size options you choose.

6. Click “save”


How to download a file as a user:

This is how the user would access the files you have given them access to:

1. Login in your site using the user’s login (NOT the administrator login)

2. Browse or search for an image

3. Under the thumbnail you will see the words “Download high res” (or medium, low or web res – depending on what you selected). Click there.


4. There is a warning that you will be billed for downloading. Obviously as the site owner you ignore this in relation to yourself and you can waive this for others if you are not charging for downloads.

5. Download the high resolution image to your desktop

6. As the site owner you will receive an email when anyone downloads off your site alerting you to who downloaded a file and the file number. This enables you to control what is being downloaded. The person who downloaded will also receive a notification email.

7. You can see a record of all the downloads you have done by going to “Account” – top right and then “My downloads”


NOTE: As the administrator will probably also want to give yourself Download Status to have full access to your archive.  To do this follow the same steps above – you will need to create yourself as a user the CRM first.  Give yourself a different login as a user to the one that you have as administrator.


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