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The default home page for a memat site is your about us page. You can either select another page of the site, such as the browse page, as your home page, or you can direct your home page to any other page that your designer might create, all you need is the url.  If you choose to direct to another home page you need to ensure that your webdesigner has put onto that page the same top and bottom include or at least all the links needed to connect you to all the pages in your memat site from that home page.

1. Login as the site administrator

2. Click on Website Dashboard

3. Click on “Select Homepage URL”

4. Fill the url of the desired home page into the text box provided and submit

5. If you want to revert to the “about us” page as the default home page then simply leave this text box blank and submit

Next in the Set-up process – Customise your about us and contact us pages

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