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When logged in as the system administrator you have the ability to carry out tasks that no other login has permission to do. Below are instructions, both in video and in text and picture form, for administering a MEMAT site.

To view the video larger, at the bottom of the video frame either click on the “enter full screen” icon or click on the “watch on Vimeo.com” icon.

MEMAT: Administrating MEMAT from Africa Media Online on Vimeo.

Login to your site as the administrator.

You will see 3 tabs that don’t appear until you login as the administrator:


GENERAL: This tab allows you to search and browse the site as any other user would

CONTENT MANAGEMENT:  This tab gives you access to functions for managing you collection which are covered individually in other tutorials: Editing Metadata and Creating Galleries

WEBSITE DASHBOARD: This tab gives you access to the functionality needed to administrate your site.


Many of the links on the dashboard bring you back to this site to get help with different functions.

Setting up your site is the best place to start.  Work through the steps relevant to your website to get going.

Two links relate to designers: Upload files for top/bottom includes and Edit top/bottom includes

Set home page url:  This is a useful function that enables you to set any page as your MEMAT site’s home page.  The video explains this well.



As the administrator of the site you should receive emails when the following actions happen on your site, to enable you to maintain full control of your site:

  • a user signs up on your site
  • a user downloads a file on your site
  • orders for high resolution files from your site
  • comments made on content on your site

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