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Ordering files

Users can order individual items off your site. As the administrator you can choose whether you want to approve or not approve that order. Below are tutorials in video and a text with illustrations formats. To view the video larger, at the bottom of the video frame either click on the “enter full screen” icon or click on the “watch on Vimeo.com” icon.

MEMAT: Ordering Files from Africa Media Online on Vimeo.

Ordering a file: as a user
To experience ordering on your site from a user’s perspective you need to sign up on your site with a DIFFERENT login to the one you use as an administrator.
Click on “register” and fill in your details and a different username and password
Now search for an item and click on “order” under that item.

Click on “confirm order” and on the page it will confirm that your order has been placed.

Ordering a file: as the administrator
The ball is now in the administrator’s court.
An email will arrive in the administrator’s inbox saying that someone has ordered an item.
To approve or disapprove that order you need to login on the site as the administrator.
Then go back to the email and click on the link in it.
It will take you through to a page on the site where you can approve or disapprove their request.


Ordering a file: as a user
The ball is back in the user’s court.
The user will now receive an email saying that their use has been approved or disapproved.
If approved they will be told to login and then click on the link given in the email.
Once they do this they will go through to a page where they can download the high resolution file.
They will be instructed that this usage is only for research and then any other usage needs to be negotiated with the site owner or archivist.


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