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Africa Media Online exists to enable Africans telling Africa’s Story. We’re based in South Africa and work with producers and custodians of media collections to communicate Africa’s story to an African and global audience.

AMO What We Do from Africa Media Online on Vimeo.

We like to think of ourselves as a digital trade route enabling Africans to produce digital content at the right standard to appeal to the widest possible audience in Africa and around the world and to deliver that content to that audience.

This means that we have the wonderful privilege of working with a diverse group of creative people from heritage organisations to media professionals, media companies to sports unions and many others, all of whom are either custodians of significant media collections or are creating significant media collections. Our role has been to provide a digital trade route that enables the owners of the digital collections to get their collections to the audience they want to reach.

This digital trade route is made up of products, services, training, consultation and access to markets which enables media collections to be digitised and presented online to the right audience, whether that audience is staff in other branches or your organisation, editors and creative directors or the general public.

It would be great to interact with you further about your digital media collection and the audience you want to reach. Call me, David Larsen, on: +27-82-829-7959 or email me on editor@africamediaonline.com.

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