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Requirements to be ready to upgrade your site to MEMAT 4 to be sent through to Bandile:


1)    Proof of payment of R3500 (ex VAT)

2)    Company Registration number

3)    Confirm contact name and email to receive the administration emails from the system

4)    Logos: 1 or 2 logos (depending what you have) as transparent pngs or vectors

5)    Text for Home, About and Contact us pages.  You can reuse the text from your MEMAT 3 site or supply new text.  Please put into 3 word doc

6)    Home page banner:  We will be in touch with you if need be – by default it will be a rework of your current top include

7)    Contact Us and About Us banners: 2 large images for the banners on the About Us and Contact Us pages: 2000pix x 815pix at 72dpi

8)    3 smaller images for the links on the Home Page.   800pix x 550pix at 72dpi

9)    Company branding doc – if you don’t have one we do at least need to know the primary and secondary hex colours which will go into the links and background colour…etc

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